How does it work

Enter Car Details

Simply fill in your car details to the best of your knowledge. This information is stored to help you retrieve your results at a later date.

Run The Engine Test

Follow the instructions on screen to begin testing your car. The app will record the sound emitted from your car’s exhaust and analyze the result to determine if it is running smoothly. One of two items will be displayed

  • Positive Results – The app has not found any issues detectable from the engine noise
  • Negative Results – The app has detected an issue with the sound reading



Positive Results

The app has shown positive results. At this point the app was unable to detect any issue by analyzing the sound. This is a good result. We recommend then proceeding to check the rest of the car using our helpful car checklist.

Negative Results

The app has shown negative results. The app has detected an anomaly in the sound reading. We recommend having the car checked by a licensed mechanic.

Car Checklist

We recommend then testing your car using the helpful car checklist. This itemized list will allow you to systematically check other items in the car and tick them off as you go. Just tap on an item to read how to check it.


*New* Service Reminder

Never Forget To Service Your Car Again. Use the new service reminder function to track the kilometres or miles to your next service and have the app automatically remind you when your next service date is approaching.


Please note, whilst we have taken all care to ensure our app is as accurate as possible, not all car/engine problems are detectable through sound alone. This app is intended as a tool to assist you but does not substitute for the analysis or advice of a licensed vehicle mechanic. Please read the disclaimer page for more information